Varsity volleyball defeats rival Cy Ranch in first district game

Varsity volleyball won their season home opener against rival Cy Ranch High School three sets to none Tuesday, September 3.

After warming up, the first set began. Despite the first few points going to Cy Ranch, the Bears started to get into a groove and quickly pulled ahead. Thanks to several key offensive and defensive moves, they won the first set 25-14.

“I know that whenever you’re playing a rival team that things can get really competitive and heated, and I’m just hoping that we kind of stay together as a team and that we rely on each other,” senior and team captain Makensie Garner said.

Come second set, the girls were warmed up, and the real fight began; the ball bounced from one team to the other, small mishaps leading to momentum changes. With the score 13-5 in the Bear’s favor, tension showed up on the court. Cy Ranch’s coach called timeout to try to switch up the momentum, but failed as the Bear’s spiked their way to victory, winning 25-11.  

“We put in a lot of work this preseason…a lot of hours… a lot of court time. And you know, this game was always in the back of our minds. It’s our first home game and we must take it really seriously, so it feels really great for all of our hard work to pay off,” senior Aidan Conner said.

Both student sections covered more than a third of their sides, and there was no stopping the cheers for their teams. According to sophomore Murphy Brooks, it was exceptionally loud, but he enjoyed being there to cheer on the team.

 “We’re going to [chant] to everybody we see as a challenge, but in reality it allows us to challenge us to be our best,” Brooks said. 

Then began the toughest set for both teams – set three. Cy Ranch gained an early lead, scoring 10-3. After calling a few timeouts, the Bears battled back, tying at 20. The players continued fighting, and managed to make a comeback and win 25-22. 

“I think this was just the growth that the girls have had in the three years I’ve been coaching them that they can go against their rival team and finish them off in three games and not have to get challenged in a match,” Coach Verena Khalil said.

To complete a great start to their district season, the junior varsity, freshman A and freshman B team all took home wins in their respective games.