Varsity volleyball takes tough loss to The Woodlands

Brianna Kellar and Ashtyn Haggard

Ella Barnes
Junior Jessica Frannea sets the ball to be spiked.

Varsity volleyball played The Woodlands, and lost three sets to none Friday, September 20, in a non-district game.

The Bears and The Woodlands came into the showdown tied in both wins and losses, each having a record of 32-3. In a ranking published August 26 by Vype Houston, Bridgeland moved from previously unranked to ranked seventh compared to

The Woodlands ranking first. Both teams have players committed to colleges, such as senior Aidan Conner who is verbally committed to Columbia University, and have notable offensive and defensive abilities with their bumps, sets and spikes.

“It’s definitely going to be a challenge,” sophomore Emily Marks said before the game, “but seeing how much growth we’ve had throughout the year, I have faith that we can do it and we can win.”

During the sets, with intense spikes matched with strong digs, breaking through the back-and-forth point pattern became difficult, but The Woodlands managed to win the first set 25-23.

In the second set, the game sped up – neither team was going down without a fight. Although a normal volleyball match only goes to 25 points, a team must win by two. This regulation became an obstacle during the final points. According to Claw Crew member Abbie Hitchins, cheering helped boost the teams’ morals and confidence. Despite the intense match and hyped cheering from the student section, The Woodlands won the second set 30-28.

Ella Barnes
During the second set, juniors Eric Munstereifel and Ethan Hajdik scream after the Bears score a point.

“When we cheer, they feel that support and love on the back of their shoulders. They fight for more than just themselves or their teammates,” Hitchins said. “They fight for Bridgeland as a whole.”

As the game progressed to the third set, The Woodlands was quick to put points on the board bringing the score to 12-1. After giving up a few more points, Bridgeland came back 21-9 when head coach Verena Khalil called for a huddle. Claw Crew and cheerleaders lead the stands through a cheer, the girls putting their heads together. The battle was fought hard, but The Woodlands won the set 11-25.

“Since we were down so much, it kind of brought us down, but we brought it up after time went by and it kind of helped us,” junior Emerson Sykes said. “We needed more energy to keep going, to keep fighting, but… good game. We fought hard.”