Band to get new 18-wheeler for equipment transportation

Michael Burns

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Thanks to the new district-wide policy, band will acquire an 18-wheeler truck to better transportation of equipment to and from events, giving the program an asset it’s never had before. 

Prior to purchasing the 18-wheeler, band transported its equipment via rental trucks. The time it took to load and unload instruments into multiple trucks put a damper on the amount of time to practice. Band director Brenton Marquart recognizes the benefits the 18-wheeler will provide. 

“We can travel with less trucks, and be more organized with where things go every time,” Mr. Marquart said. “So it really benefits logistically going from place to place.”

Della Fowler
Band currently uses five PV trucks for their equipment, but some lifts on the back of the trucks are broken, causing for some heavy lifting.

It took awhile to secure a contract for the trucks, but CFISD currently has an 18-month rental for all 12 high schools. 

“It’s a pretty normal thing to have in the state of Texas with other school districts, a lot of programs own their own 18-wheelers,” Mr. Marquart said. 

Procedures are in place to ensure the 18-wheeler is handled with proper care, as well as the band equipment. 

Della Fowler
Freshman Emily Tran helps lift equipment on to a truck.

“The band kids put their instruments onto the 18-wheeler, and we have color guard props that go on as well. There’s different doors to load different ways,” Mr. Marquart said. “Then we’ll have a loading crew of like five or ten kids, they close it all up and keep it all organized.”

There are responsibilities established to protect the district, students and instructors. All parties are required to maintain the safety of both themselves and the vehicle. 

“The district is responsible for maintenance, but us students are responsible to clean and organize the vehicle after an event,” said jusection leader Nathan Judson.

According to band memebers, in some cases it could take untill midnight after an evening football game to finish unloading equipment, this will be improved by the 18-wheeler. 

“The 18-wheeler will make unloading and loading a lot easier, quicker, and will help give me more time for warming up before a show, and participating in the rest of the band’s activities,” Judson said.