Senior Spotlight: Zana Tello

Senior Zana Tello spends her last year of high school embracing her culture and helping those in need.

Della Fowler, Photo and Graphics Editor

Going into senior year, Zana Tello had a mission. She didn’t want to be stressed or anxious over things in the way she was during her junior year. However, her culture was calling her. 

On the same day that Beyonce dropped her new album, a major airstrike happened at a hospital near where Zana’s grandma lives. She was so frustrated that everyone in her life outside of family was talking about Beyonce’s new album rather than hundreds of her people dying of hunger, airstrikes and the pains of civil war. 

“This is absurd, this is crazy,” Tello said. “Why do people care so much about an album when there’s literally people dying?” 

She knew she wanted to help her people, these feelings of frustration meant something. So, Tello posted on Twitter her feelings and that she wanted to fight for a change, but didn’t know if she’d be able to do it alone. With the help of a friend in San Antonio, she set up a GoFundMe and a Venmo for them to get funds for their projects. Tello used the money to hand package school supplies to give to the refugees. 

Along with that, she ended up with an extra $500 so she bought shoes for kids and passed them out at a refugee complex in Houston. 

“The looks on their faces really made me so emotional,” Tello said. “I was like ‘wow they’re all really excited.’” 

Tello is passionate about her culture and helping others in need, so much that she plans to go into Political Science and become a Civil Rights attorney. Through this experience she has learned a lot about how fortunate she is and is looking forward to the future ahead of her.

“It helped me grow as a person and really appreciate the materialistic things that I have, like how my parents can provide food and water any time I want it. Versus someone that comes here, doesn’t know the language, trying to find a job and relying on the government for food. That made me feel bad that I’m not appreciating the things I have now.”