Top Ten Things To Know: First Day of School Edition


Tommy Yarrish

Lots of changes will be found once students return to Bridgeland High School, including these arrows guiding one-way hallways

Whether you’re learning back on campus or at home via CFISD Connect, there are a few things you’ll need to know come September 8. 

Set those alarms 

Whether students are learning on campus or at home, they will need to follow the bell schedule for all classes, as attendance will be counted both physically and virtually.

Make sure your laptop is charged

Say goodbye to Google Classroom. Everyone will be using Schoology via CFISD Connect to learn. If you’re on-campus, try your best to bring a personal laptop.

Know your way around

Schedules and room numbers can be found virtually on Home Access Center, and will not be handed out physically. QR codes and maps are located around campus.

Don’t get logged out

Students can log in to Schoology through this video. It is important that students do NOT register for any classes as they will appear on Schoology September 8.

Mom and Dad can see your progress

Parents can log in to Schoology through this video or este video en español

Don’t panic

If Schoology is acting slow, click this link to check the Schoology Server Status website. 

Not sure what to do

Have questions about Schoology? Read the FAQs here

Come prepared

Don’t forget your mask, water bottle, and clear backpack. New school IDs will be handed out at school. 

Get a step ahead

For a beginner’s guide to understanding Schoology, select this link.

Stay up to date

For the latest updates and information from the district regarding COVID-19, see the district’s coronavirus update page