Top ten: wholesome memes of the decade

Wholesome picture 1- Keanu Reeves

“You’re breathtaking!” 2019 wasn’t the first time anyone had heard of Keanu Reeves, but it was certainly the first time Reeves had this much spotlight. 








Wholesome picture 2- Bob Ross

Although Bob Ross wasn’t a meme from this decade, he did make a major comeback. This lively painter seems to make everything positive- and make people happy.








Wholesome picture 3 – Kermit memes

People can’t help but smile when shown a Kermit surrounded by hearts.













Wholesome picture 4- Wholesome Cats

Even if you’re not a cat person, you can admit that these memes are cute.











Wholesome picture 5- Baby Yoda

A wholesome meme on the rise from the Star Wars TV show “The Mandalorian”.










Wholesome picture 6- Pikachu

This cute Pokemon has always been one of the most wholesome memes, especially when a few hearts are edited on.










Wholesome picture 7- Spongebob

Spongebob may not be the cutest character in the history of cartoons, but he sure can put a wholesome twist on your day.










Wholesome picture 8- Dad: *doesn’t want dog* – Family: *gets dog* – Dad and the dog:

The dad may not admit he wants the dog, but he sure does after the family gets the dog.











Wholesome picture 9- Happiness noise

This meme depicts a dog being happy. Similar to the cat memes, even if dogs aren’t your favorite pets, happy dogs will definitely make your day better.







Wholesome picture 10- Minecraft Birds

In early 2019, minecraft 1.14 was released, giving way to a new animal: parrots. These birds dance to music played on jukeboxes and are arguably one of the best additions to Minecraft.









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