Top ten: animes of the decade


Anime number 1-  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2010)

Though this anime ended in July of 2010, it’s still memorable in this decade for its great soundtrack and fantastic world building around the power of medieval chemistry, alchemy. The beautiful bond between brothers as they tackle their adventures together truly takes the cake for this year. (Science fiction) (Adventure)


Anime number 2- Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)

Madoka Magica is not your typical magical girl show; imbedded behind this cute art is a dark story about witches that influence death, fought by girls who put their lives on the line to save humanity. (Magical Girl) (Psychological horror) 





Anime number 3- Daily Lives of High School Boys (2012)

Even with no plot to follow, this anime allows the viewer to sit back and enjoy a few laughs along with the characters’ antics, and may even find them relatable to their own lives. Light-hearted, funny, relatable.(Slice of Life) (Comedy)






Anime number 4- Beyond the Boundary (2013)

Beyond the Boundary has only the greatest art, despite being such a dark story. In this world, there are creatures made of human negativity, and Spirit Warriors that fight these creatures to save humanity. This story follows the story of a boy who is half human, half dark creature, and how he tries to convince a Spirit Warrior that he is not all that bad. Through understanding and self-coming, this anime ranks in the top of 2013. (Romance) (Supernatural)






Anime number 5- Haikyuu (2014)

Haikyuu!! Follows the story of a high school boy who lacks height for volleyball, but still strives to be better than all those who stand in his way. Along the way, he learns to be friends with his middle school rival, effectively creating a work of comedy and tournament, sure to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, but still light-hearted. (Sports) (Slice of Life)






Anime number 6- Ajin (2015)

Ajin embraces an interesting look at a question we all ask: what if we were immortal? This anime follows Nagai Kei, and how he found out that being an immortal being can only lead to a complicated life, running from the police and other ajin. This story displays great character growth, and a world in which we think of daily. (Supernatural) (Thriller)





Anime number 7- Yuri on Ice (2016)

Yuri on Ice! became number one the moment the first episode was released. A story following a figure skating dream, and the strong relationship built by the main characters, Yuri and Victor, this anime is beyond compare to any other from this year. Additionally, the animation for the routines performed by many of the characters were all animated over live recordings. With stunning art and a powerful story, Yuri on Ice!! is number one of 2016. (Romance) (Sports)





Anime number 8- My Hero Academia (2017)

Though starting much earlier than 2017, this anime still ranks top for this year. This story follows a powerless boy in a world of superpowers, and how his selflessness is his real power. Also displayed in this show is the powerful relationships made through characters, between heroes and schoolmates alike. (Superhero fiction) (Adventure fiction) 





Anime number 9-  Banana Fish (2018)

Some remakes don’t always sit well with fans, but Banana Fish couldn’t have been better. The producers and artists perfected the 1985 manga into a 24 episodes, compact with action, never a dull moment. Ever twist and turn leads to more suspense, a little added comedy sprinkled in the mix. Watching it two times is not enough to catch every detail this anime has to offer. Truly, a work of art. (Crime thriller) (Tragedy)






Anime number 10- Carole & Tuesday (2019)

Mirroring a challenge modern day struggles with, that being the overuse of technology,  Carole & Tuesday shows that settling back down to earth with their raw singing talent is all everyone really needs. Set in a world where space travel to other planets is regular, and electronic singers have become more popular than people, these girls embrace the power of friendship and music.(Music) (Futuristic setting)

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