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Teacher: Mrs. Kathryn Zepeda


Mrs. Kathryn Zepeda started her career as a music teacher, but realized she wanted to do something where she could use her brain more, and became an engineer. Later on Mrs. Zepeda realized her passion was in teaching children, and earned her certification in Virginia. She taught in Virginia,  and Washington D.C. before finally moving to Texas. Mrs. Zepeda began at Cypress Springs High School, and is now starting her second year teaching Algebra I at Bridgeland High School.

Investing in the Future

For Mrs. Zepeda, the students are her future. She comes to school day in and day out to give her kids everything she’s got, and that comes with a lot of responsibility and respect.

“I feel as an educator that’s part of my job, not only by protecting them physically, but also protecting them mentally by teaching them.”

Positive relationships with her students are a big part of Mrs. Zepeda’s classroom, and keeping them safe is the first priority.

“I think that when somebody truly cares about another being, they take their safety more seriously. When you value someone else, you just have the propensity to want to make sure they’re safe for whatever life that is, being a teacher, students, that is what it is.”

Staying on top of Safety Procedures

Mrs. Zepeda is a rule follower. She is in agreement with all policies including the new ones, clear backpacks and IDs.

“I support wearing IDs, being able to identify a student, a teacher, a guest, and a parent is very important. I don’t want people on this campus who don’t belong, and having an ID helps me identify who belongs and who doesn’t.”

As a teacher, being able to see into a backpack is much easier to spot potentially dangerous items than it is with a non clear backpack or articles of clothing like a trench coat. Being able to recognize safety is a big component.

“It’s very important for us to see that we are safe. So trench coats don’t allow us to see that we’re safe. They cover up, they’re baggy, they allow you to hide things, conceal things, backpacks that are clear don’t allow you to hide things at least as easily as you would when it comes to somebody who’s trying to commit what I consider a terrorist act.”

All in This Together

It’s not just the students, the teachers, or the parents. It’s a combined effort from everyone in the school community to keep the campus safe and Mrs. Zepeda strongly believes and encourages that.

“I really do feel as though it’s very important for everybody, students and teachers alike, administration I know takes it very important, to practice proactive safety. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask somebody where their ID is no matter how old they look, you shouldn’t let a door be unlocked if it’s an exterior door, and you should make sure it’s locked or get somebody to lock it. If you see something, truly say something.”


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