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Student: Mark Bentick


Mark Bentick, a sophomore at Bridgeland High School, was born in Dubai, and moved to the U.S. at 5-years-old due to his dad’s job. He loves going to school, especially to learn math. Bentick enjoys physics the most since it’s a “wonderful combination between math and science.” He is a member of the math honor society, Science Olympiad, FCA, and Key Club. During his free time he likes to bike through the woods, read, and strengthen his relationship with God.

Clear Backpacks

Like most students, Bentick was surprised when the district announced the clear backpack policy. Although he is not be the biggest supporter of the policy, he’s grateful of the effort to keep students safe.

“I do appreciate the fact that they’re very concerned about our safety, even if the rule seems silly to us. I appreciate all they do to protect us every day.”

An Interesting Idea

Clear backpacks are not and will not be the only solution to keeping schools safe. 

“Personally, I don’t think they were the most effective way possible, but it was definitely the quickest and cheapest way to get things done. What I would have preferred was x-ray machines at school entrances. That sounds silly, but it’s effective, there haven’t been many shootings at airports since that started.”

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, every policy, rule, and check is for the safety of students, staff, and others on campus, and Bentick understands that. While the policies might not be the best in the future, they’re good enough for now.

“As we progress further and technology gets smarter, I don’t think this would be the most effective way. As we progress there might be more effective ways such as x-ray machines if the school budget allows it to happen, I think that would be great.”

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