‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ over 100 GB


Photo courtesy of flickr user Instacodez.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2′ is big on fun and also on storage. Coming in at 100 GB, this game will take up huge amounts of space on your console which adds to the cost of this game. But as the second installment to the franchise, it holds up to the first.

In the original ‘Red Dead’ you start off as a man named John Marston, the main character in the game, who is currently working with the police while being blackmailed to helping them track down and imprison all of his old gang mates who are causing trouble. In this huge open-world, western-style game you are allowed to complete the main missions at your own pace, so if you’re not in the mood, you can explore the maps and different towns and communities. There, you can meet strangers to give you quests, get in bar fights, duels, and play card games like blackjack and you can also go get a drink and meet a few ladies. But in this game, what you do and some of your decisions can affect you in the long run, like theft,  killing innocent civilians, and picking fights can lower your honor. Honor in this game is how much respect people have for you, and, based on if your honor is high or low, determines how people will treat you especially cops, gang members, and even regular citizens.

On this note RockStar Games have announced that ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ will be over 100 gigabytes which doesn’t seem like much, but to gamers this is outrageous. Most standard Xbox’s and PS4’s only have 500 GB so one game is taking up one-fifth of your space on most consoles.

So, the reason that it is over 100 GB is actually very simple.They are combining both the previous map and the new map. Another reason for the massive amount of gigabytes needed is two reasons, one being that the game is able to run 4k which means it looks so realistic it can be mistaken for a movie or a  TV show and the other reason is that they are adding multiplayer and they may even add co-op for the main story.

So the amount of space that this game is going to take up is massive but I do believe that it is worth it especially with the good quality games made by RockStar. They are also adding so many little details into the game that may seem insignificant but shows how much time and effort they put into the game.Some examples are in the cold, characters will shiver and may lose health depending on the temperature. Even though that example may seem insignificant it makes the game have a more realistic aspect to it. But the map size and the amount of missions and time is going to be quite a lot, because ‘Red Dead Redemption’ was only about 20 GB and it takes the average person about 25 hours to beat the main story with the occasional side mission. Now imagine a game that is over 100 GB and probably double or maybe even triple the amount of hours.

But even with the huge amount of space and time that ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is going to take up, this game is going to be well worth your time, money and storage.