Sugar, spice, and everything nice : a fashion addicts guide to fall trends

Make the most of the fall season and your closet with these four must see trends.

Liz Kemsley, Lifestyle Editor

  With the fall season approaching, students can look forward to a huge shift in fashion trends. In comes the wide-legged slacks and out goes the neon tube tops. Here’s a look into the whirlwind of autumn fashion. 

Wide-legged pants

Wide-legged jeans and pants have made a comeback and are here to stay for the rest of the year. The fitted waist and relaxed fit downwards make for a unique twist on the usual skinny jeans. Pair them with a tucked-in graphic t-shirt or a slouchy top for a spruced up every-day outfit. 

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Animal Print

It’s time to pull those cheetah print leggings from 5th grade out of the closet, as animal prints of all kinds make their way back into the scene. Animal print can be found embellished on skirts or patterned pants to fitted mock necks and scrunchies- the possibilities are endless.

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This accessory continues on from its steady popularity throughout 2019. Chokers add an elevated touch to almost any outfit, ranging from DIY beaded chokers to dainty chains with charms. 

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Square Necklines

90’s influence strikes again and makes their mark with square necklines, also known as “milkmaid tops”. These tops come in the form of blouses, dresses, and sweaters. Be sure to pair them with a choker, a necklace, or other accessories to accentuate the look.

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Will these trends last through winter? We’ll see. But for now, it’s time to put that pair of snake printed skinny jeans into the cart.