Local groups unite for the holidays to help those in need

Blake Beaver, Reporter

 It’s that time of the year again, and families spend money and time giving gifts to one another but for some, the season brings more struggle. Charity organizations and clubs in our local communities give their helping hands to the holiday rescue.

With groups like Building Bridges who are committed to serving locally, the holidays are made a little less stressful through various drives, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities.

 “I would say our annual trip to “impact” in 5th Ward, delivering handmade stockings to underprivileged is by far the most impactful and fun community service project of the year.  We have a huge turnout and the kids always say it’s the favorite event of the year,” Building Bridges Founder, Mrs. Lisa Locklin, said.

Weeks before Christmas and the end of the year, district works such as Cy-Fair and other charity organizations do their best to collect and provide gifts, meals and warm clothes for the less fortunate and homeless population in the local Houston area.

“I’m not exactly sure how many families, but we provided over 200 stuffed stockings for the children,”  Locklin said.

Many charities such as Salvation Army,Toys For Tots, and CY-Hope ask for help to gather toys and adult gifts to wrap, and bow together gifts that were donated to give back to the less fortunate.

 “We work primarily with the school district to find families that need help.  The school counselors typically identify the families that need our resources and connect them to Cy-Hope,” Operations Manager,and Community Relations Coordinator, Tami Lorch, said.

 The process of making the season bright takes extensive manpower and general donations, and with the help of the community, the lives of children and their families are touched greatly.

 “We have programs that help families year-round, but during the holidays we have a Holiday Assistance program to provide gifts for children in need.  This year we have helped close to 600 children in the CFISD area,” Ms.Lorch

After the holidays are over, charity organizations and clubs in local communities have sit down meetings to discuss the next course of action for the next holiday rescue and reflect on the experience.

“The first meeting after the event, the students process and share their experiences.  There has never been anything but positive feedback. At the end of the year, they always vote Impact their favorite community service project.  We have had members attend every year for the last three years,” Locklin said.