JROTC brings home wins at Regional Competition

JROTC Orienteering team completed in the Houston Regional Competition last weekend, January 25 and 26 at Sam Houston State Forest. 

The JROTC Orienteering Team, which is a combination of Bridgeland and Cy-Fair High School students, competed in the two-day event. They were challenged by the difficult courses and terrain at the Sam Houston State Forest. As the top-performing team, they brought home eight individual medals. They also had the best female athlete in the beginners course and in the advanced course. 

The orienteering team practices all school year and holds two to three practices a week. Captain Thomas Scott the leader of the AFJOTC of Cy-Fair knows the determination it takes to be on the orienteering team. The cadets learn how to use compasses and maps for land navigation, they also must endure 3 hours of constant travel over rough terrain. There are several levels of difficulty for orienteering, based on skill level. Points are harder to find and navigate too, the more difficult the level is. JROTC provides students with the necessary tools and skills for success in the armed forces. Capt. Scott empathizes that the course teaches the foundations of leadership, teamwork, and so many other values. The program allows cadets to become self-motivated adults ready to take on any challenge. 

“The biggest joy is seeing the cadets start out and then develop into confident student leaders willing to go after their dreams and goals,” Capt. Scott said, “Preparing them to meet post-high school challenges is the most rewarding part of teaching.”

Junior Edward Berning won his first-ever regular course, which is where they follow certain points using a compass and a map while transferring the woods. To prepare Berning practiced with a compass and map going to parks and finding the points that his commanders set up. Berning always wanted to join the military and saw JROTC as something to try. When asked what branch he wants to join it’s without a doubt the Marines.

“I’ve always wanted to join since I was a little kid.” Berning said, “It’s always been the Marines for me, I don’t know why.”

However, the day wasn’t as joyous for everyone, Junior Alex Venkatesan was disqualified when he didn’t finish the course. He originally joined JROTC with the idea of joining the AirForce. Sadly Venkatesan can’t join the Air Force because of his Asthma, which disqualifies a person if they need to carry an inhaler or if they fail to reach the requirement for the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), which determines the extent of the asthma. 

“If you have asthma you can’t join the military,” Venkatesan said, “Now since I’m still in it, and I can’t join the military It’s just for fun.”


Cadets receive a safety brief before a course.