Fitness isolation: a guide to the best at home workout resources

The best apps and websites to stay active during quarantine.

Joleigh Underwood, Managing Magazine Editor

In a time of national quarantine, social distancing, and vast uncertainty, it can be hard to find the motivation to cook breakfast, make your bed, or take a shower – much less do a full workout every day. For most, fitness is not a top priority right now, and for good reason. But because the number of days of Netflix surfing and vegging out is uncertain and seemingly limitless, working out can actually provide a great boost of energy and feeling of productivity that your body desperately needs right now. A few months ago, I got a membership at OrangeTheory, and fitness became a huge part of my life almost instantaneously. I got spoiled to having a coach in person pushing me every minute, scheduled workouts that had consequences for missing, and easy access to all kinds of fat-burning equipment. Now, my whole workout regimen has been flipped upside down and turned inside out, as I’m sure it has for many. But where one door closes, dozens more open, and there are hundreds of online resources to continue the fitness journey. Here are just a few of my favorite apps and sites to get back in the groove.

OrangeTheory Fitness

If you are a member at Orange Theory, you can find a daily home workout on the app every day. Each workout is different and they last around 30 minutes. They include a warmup, exercises, and then a cool-down with stretching. This has been my personal favorite for at-home workouts, and I really love that they are designed to work in home settings- no fancy equipment necessary. It’s great to see gyms working to adapt to their members’ needs, and it shows that there are always opportunities for support instead of just going dark.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is basically the Netflix for at-home workouts. Based on your skill level, availability, and goals, they provide a plethora of video workouts ranging from 10-20 minutes to trigger all muscles of the body. They are currently offering a free 1-month trial to everyone, which is perfect because hopefully, the quarantine will be over by then. If you continue to love it after the period of social distancing is over, it’s $19.99 a month.

Asana Rebel

I LOVE this app! I downloaded it after I saw an ad on Instagram and I do not regret AT. ALL. They offer a free version and a premium version that is $5.83 a month, which is still a fourth of the price of Daily Burn. It asks you a few questions about your goals and health information, and then it forms a daily plan that updates every day and is catered specifically to your needs. It includes yoga, HIITs workouts, stretching videos, and meditation exercises. The app is focused on overall health, so there are even features like sleep sounds and diet plans- something different from most fitness apps. I definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for true results.


I am a big runner and I see a lot of benefits in just getting out and jogging around the lake. Running is often the most efficient way to burn calories, it increases heart health, and releases lots of endorphins. Runtastic is an app through Adidas that is perfect for walkers, joggers, and runners. It has GPS tracking that tracks your course and distance as you run, comes with custom training plans, and provides goals that you can set to a specific date to ensure accountability. The coolest part to me is that you can connect your shoes to the app and it tracks the number of miles you have run in those shoes so it can notify you when it’s time to get a new pair. Technology, right?!

MyTraining Workout Tracker Log

This app serves a slightly different purpose than the rest, but it’s crucial in this time of fitness isolation. MyTraining does include lots of pre-made workouts for you to do at home, but its main focus is short videos on exercises for each part of the body. If you’re looking to create your own workout, you could pick ten of their short videos and see how to do each exercise correctly. The best part is the chat feature, where you can ask real fitness coaches about specific workouts and general health practices and get legitimate responses from a professional. That’s really great because most of us don’t have access to our coaches and trainers like we did before COVID-19. This one is less about lifestyle and more about functionality to make sure you’re doing the workouts correctly and safely.