Stepping off and never stepping back on

A few athletes perspective on growing up and growing away from the sport they love.

Cameron Armer, Reporter

High School is some of the best times for an athlete but for some it’s the last time they will step on the field and for others, they may not even realize it.

Sophomore David Graham started his high school soccer career as a freshman on Junior Varsity B, and he played his last game for Bridgeland FC against Cy Park, unfortunately losing 3-1. Proving that not all last games can end on a high note but a great season is a more rewarding memory to carry on into a new leaf. Graham knew he had to be realistic and as a dual athlete, the choice was clear.

“I didn’t know where this was taking me and I had to consider that I could be getting offers for cross country soon,” Graham said.

Graham racked up three assists throughout the season, being used as an impact sub which he was happy with, but in the end David had to look at the bigger picture and realize that his passion is cross country and how he has to be committed for that to take him somewhere.

“When the final whistle blew I just stared at my mom knowing this was the last game,” Graham said. 

Junior Mackenzie Walker played softball her freshman year but ultimately decided that was where her time in high school sports unfortunately ended. Giving up a sport is never easy and for Walker this didn’t come easy either.

“When I came home and spoke to my mom, we spoke for hours and [realized] that I needed a break because I had a lot on my plate,” Walker said.

After 10 years of playing softball and a lot of thought, Walker decided to quit her sophomore year of high school.

“I felt a sense of relief when we all lined up at third base and I shook hands with the opposing players for the last time,” Walker said.

Junior Lilly Kosh played softball from third grade all the way to tenth grade and that is when her softball career came to an end.

“I spoke to my coaches and they respected my decision, and that was when I first realized that this is actually going to be my last season,” Kosh said. “I wanted to do other things.” 

Lilly is in yearbook and her work in design is what she feels is more important to her and it makes her a lot happier than softball did.

It was a great game to the end of a great career, but nonetheless, Kosh felt the weight of her decision in every minute.

“When we made the last play it was a wow moment because it was the end of an era for my life knowing that I would never step back on the field and that was a shocker for me,” Kosh said.