Bucket List Of Fun Fall Activities


Fall rolled in on September 22 and the time for fun, seasonal activities has arrived. From baking pies to knitting 12-foot-long scarves, here’s some traditional fall fun that you can partake in this year.

At Home:
Try knitting
Carve Pumpkins
Indulge in everything Pumpkin Spice
Make candles or soap
Drink (Or make) Apple Cider
Buy some sweaters

Read a book in a cozy spot with a hot drink and some blankets
Bake all of the pies
Watch seasonal movies
Go camping in your backyard and then come inside when the mosquitoes attack
Eat soup
Paint Acorns
Tell Ghost Stories
Paint leaves
Plant some fall flowers
Eat/Make caramel or candied apples
Cook some fall foods

Host a Murder Mystery Party with a small group of friends
Go to a haunted house
Visit a pumpkin patch
Go for a long walk
Go camping
Go to a Farmer’s Market
Go apple picking
Host a bake-off with a small group of family and friends
Have a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood with common (And uncommon) items that can be found in the area

Go to Bath and Bodyworks, buy all of the fall-scented things
Go to the Renaissance Festival
Go to the Houston Zoo