Avoid Dry Skin This Winter With the Ultimate Hydration Guide


Graphic by Joleigh Underwood

Graphic created via Canva

Graphic created via Canva (JOle)

Winter is coming. And while the big zombie dragon from “Game of Thrones” may not be a threat for us, dry skin is. As that Houston humidity finally dissipates and the air becomes crisp and cold, hydrating your skin is just as important as protecting your pipes from busting. And yeah, I understand that skincare isn’t everyone’s first priority… but if there’s ONE thing to care about, it’s keeping your skin hydrated. Here’s why.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dry skin can cause redness, tightness, itching and burning, fine lines and deeper cracks that could bleed. Winter is already depressing, and the last thing you want is for your skin to cry too. In addition to the immediate effects, dry skin also enhances the appearance of wrinkles and speeds up aging. Just like sun damage, lack of hydration can take years off your face. So hopefully the bleeding and the wrinkles and the burning were enough to make you care, and you’re ready to learn all the best tips and tricks for keeping skin supple and hydrated. Let’s get started.

In the bath:
Shower with warm water instead of hot water. Close the bathroom door to trap that yummy steam your pores need oh-so badly. Use gentle soaps (avoid sulfates and harsh chemicals) that don’t strip your skin of natural oils, and use just enough to clean properly. Once out, make sure to pat your face dry- don’t rub.

In the cabinet:
Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. AS SOON as you dry your skin after the shower, the VERY next step is to slather on the moisturizer. This ensures your pores are properly rejuvenated and properly locks in the moisture. Note that I’m not suggesting lotion- moisturizer is much gentler on your skin and has more of the key ingredients crucial to hydration. Lotion gets confused with all its fragrances and additives. I also recommend serum and hydrating face masks. Both products add bonus hydration that keep your skin not just surviving- but thriving.

In your purse:
Skincare doesn’t just take place in the bathroom- it’s everywhere, and you need to have the correct tools to keep your skin dewy even on the go. I always carry lip balm because lips are the most vulnerable to dryness. I also suggest a low SPF sunscreen, because the sun can still do drying damage even in winter. Facial mist is a little extra but definitely not a bad idea if your skin is especially dry.

So, now you have all the tools you need to prevent the drying, cracking, and bleeding that winter always graciously gifts us. But where do you get all of this stuff? GREAT question! Check out the infographic below to discover my favorite products and where to find them.