Ursa Major Theatrics: Nationals Bound!

Rex Koern and Joshua Creamer advance to nationals for theatre.

Grace Kirkley, Lifestyle Editor

Two Ursa Major Theatrics actors, Rex Koern and Joshua Creamer, advanced to nationals with their duet acting scene from “A Requiem For A Heavyweight.”.

The International Thespian Festival is an event in which student actors and actresses engage in a variety of drama-related competitions. The competetors have the chance to advance from region, to state and potentially the national competition which is the highest ranking one they can achieve. The news is celebrated by the theatrical troupe, seeing as  the pair are the first sophomores in Cy-Fair Independent School District (CFISD) history to do so. 

“It’s very natural working with [Creamer],” Koern said. “We’re good friends both on and off the stage which makes it enjoyable.”

Koern and Creamer have been friends since the start of their high school careers. Both boys are said to be inseparable during rehearsals and perform well together with their “bromance.” Although they enjoy joking around with one another, the two are very professional when they need to be. They chose a heavy piece for their duet acting and perfected the scene with just three days to rehearse. 

“We weren’t sure how it would go at first,” Creamer said. “I know we definitely weren’t expecting [to advance].¨

Because of  COVID-19, the annual Texas Thespian MainStage tournament took place virtually. The two submitted a recording of their performance for  judging, and later advanced to the national bracket to be held in June. 

“Rex and Josh bring a lot to the table and they’re a huge part of our theatre group,” sophomore Joshua Wagner said. “They’re quite an entertaining duo both on stage and off.”

The duo are notorious for their backstage goof-offs and entertaining the cast. Their ability to mix both hard work and fun-natured spirit has won the heart of the theater family. 

“I am so beyond proud of them,” senior Alexandra Cocales said. “Seeing them accomplish something like this in the little time I’ve known them is insane. I see these kids as my younger siblings, I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.”

Jealousy and envy are always something that can be feared upon reaching success, but not in Creamer and Koern’s case. The two have been showered in support by family, friends and theater mates especially. 

“This is such an unbelievable opportunity to have,” Koern said, “let alone with my best friend.”