Tropical Smoothie Hurricane Smoothie Review

Recently Tropical Smoothie has brought in the limited time Hurricane Smoothie as its Mardi Gras themed smoothie. The drink’s flavors are passion fruit, pineapple, sweet dark cherries, and orange juice.

When I got the smoothie the first thing I noticed was the brownish color. The pulp was a red color which did not help the brown smoothie look any more appetizing. Smoothies I have gotten in the past like Bahama Mama and Sunrise Sunset have looked very similar to their picture online while the Hurricane smoothie does not. These smoothies also did not have an unappetizing look as the Hurricane Smoothie does. Overall I’d give the looks of the Hurricane Smoothie a one out of five on the Mardi Gras scale.

Upon drinking the smoothie I got an overwhelming taste of pineapple. I could taste no passion fruit and just small hints of cherry and orange. The pineapple flavor continued to be overpowering throughout the whole drink. If you’re looking for a smoothie that has a more tame set of flavors that all shine through I’d recommend the Sunrise Sunset smoothie. Overall I’d give the taste a three out of five on the Mardi Gras scale, It was mediocre.

The texture wasn’t that bad, it was smooth with not too much of the pulp messing with the smoothness. The pulp also added a little to help with the missing flavors being overpowered by the pineapple. However, there were big clumps of pulp at the bottom of the smoothie. The texture was also a three out of five for me on the Mardi Gras scale. If you’re looking for a smoothie with a more smooth texture, the Mango Magic has just that.

Based on those three factors of the smoothie I would give it roughly a two and a half overall on the Mardi Gras scale. If you’ve gone to Tropical Smoothie and are looking for a new smoothie to try this would be worth the taste, but if you are going there for your first time I wouldn’t recommend this being your first smoothie.