2021 Fashion/style predictions

Here are the top 10 fashion trends expected to make an appearance in 2021. 

Grace Kirkley, Lifestyle Editor

After an unforgettable year (and not necessarily the good kind), 2020 is gone forever. Out with the old and in with the new, hello 2021! Despite a majority of the year spent in isolation, 2020 was quite a time for fashion. Quarantine allowed for new styles to be explored and wardrobe upgrades/cleanses. People are more in touch with themself now than ever, bringing new found anticipation for fresh styles and trends. 

Here are the top 10 fashion trends expected to make an appearance in 2021. 



Color is a huge factor in what can make or break an article of clothing. Luckily, sage is making its way to popularity and with good reason. The color is flattering to all skin tones and complementary to many eye colors. With its versatility and overall stunning appearance, you can’t go wrong with a lil sage. 


Sleepwear Chic

After months in home isolation,and lounging around in pjs all day, it’s become hard for some to return to everyday clothing. But worry not, there is a solution that is snug and snazzy with street style loungewear. While it isn’t a foreign concept, I am led to believe the overall interest in the style will increase due to the comfort and professional quality it holds. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a Beyonce moment?  #IWokeUpLikeThis

Feather Accented Clothing 

Feather embellishments provide a flair that similar items such as sequins once held, while maintaining a new elegance unseen in others. A feather trim along the holes of a dress, shirt or pants can turn something so seemingly simple into an instagram worthy outfit. 


Lather on the Leather

Leather pants. Leather bralettes. Leather bags. Leather shoes. Leather hats. Leather belts. The possibilities never end. The material takes influence from the boho-chic look, popularized around 2018, as it makes its way back into high end fashion. Invest in some leather today to have all your rhinestone cowboy dreams come true. 

You Can’t Mesh Up An Outfit With This

Accents can accentuate an outfit , and mesh is a perfect way to do so. The fabric is quite versatile; it can be worn as a long sleeve underneath a tank top to add edge to an outfit, or simply a pair of mesh gloves for a more elegant look. 

Faux Fur Coats

With the growing concern for animal rights on the rise, real fur is a controversial article of clothing. Avoid getting fake blood thrown on you and instead opt for a faux coat. You can then avoid being canceled while also looking grandiose for a lower price than that of a real coat.

Ring Up Some Rings

Rings, aka the jewelry piece of 2021. While gold link chains made quite a comeback in 2020, it seems rings are claiming their spot on the accessory pyramid. Gemstone rings specifically being the most popular, most likely due to their significance in astrology and spirituality. It’s also quite trendy to have as many rings on your fingers as you can. The more cluttered, the better. 

Everything´s Unisex If You Don Listen to Karens

After Harry Styles broke gender norms and wore a dress for Vogue, it opened the conversation of clothes and their ties in toxic masculinity. It is argued that an article of clothing shouldnt be gendered. This goes for women as well, who identify as female but tend to gravitate towards ¨masculine¨ clothing. As for those who ¨don’t agree with” the style, there are plenty more problems in this world to worry about than what forms of cloth people decide to put on their body.


Vintage Floral Frenzy

The “cottage core” aesthetic has brought success to brands like Loveshackfancy and Free People. With dainty floral patterns and frilly accents, the only downside to these brands is the price tag. Luckily, thrifting provides a perfect opportunity to come into similar garments at a much lower cost. Investing in a sewing machine may also come into handy when it comes to repurposing thrifted goods.


Sneakerhead Season

Since 2019, women have been expected to limit their shoe game to AF1´s and Birkenstocks, with the exception of the few who had courage to express themselves before, a lot of females (and males) were too scared to branch out and embrace their inner sneakerhead. Luckily, quarantine allowed for a lot of self reflection, and a ¨YOLO¨ mindset to be adopted. This being said, style in general has improved and your outfit is only as good as the shoes that it comes with. There are apps such as ¨GOAT¨ that help those who are new to the scene navigate where and how to get the best prices on sleek styles. You can even use Pinterest as inspiration if you´re unsure about a pair of shoes practicality in terms of outfit pairing. 


These trends are merely predictions and susceptible to change. Fashion is all subjective, so at the end of the day wear what you feel best in. Trends are fleeting, but the confidence you have in what you wear is forever. Stay fabulous friends.