A kitten for quarantine

Reflections on adopting a kitten at the height of the pandemic, and making a companion for life.

Hailey Poggemoeller, Reporter

Besides going to work occasionally, my social connection with people face to face was completely cut off because of COVID-19. My best friends were quarantined for the whole summer and even missed my birthday. I started getting depressed, eating less, and I would stay in bed all day while binge-watching a different Netflix show every week. I ended up not caring and started to let myself go, so I knew it was time for a change.

Luckily around the same time, my friend had found a whole litter of stray kittens and she was trying to find homes for them. Once I heard about the kittens I couldn’t stop thinking about them and had to meet them. As soon as I saw them I instantly fell in love with a little tan one the size of my palm. My parents weren’t too sure of the idea because they thought it would be hard to take on a kitten while working and then eventually making my way back to school, but I didn’t take no as an answer and I did everything to make them change their mind to a yes.

Sid was only two-weeks-old when I got him and now he’s three months. Having this cat for the past few months taught me the importance of responsibility. I believe it’s mostly because I pay for everything for Sid so it has made me watch how much I’m spending in my free time. I can’t even imagine how I will be in the future with Sid in the picture but the thought excites me.

The moment I brought him into my room he became my little sidekick. He’s seen me cry at the saddest Netflix movies, get mad at my parents, and laugh hysterically at TikToks. I will just be laying down and he will climb up on top of me and lay on my chest just so he can fall asleep. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Wow that sounds like such a nice cat!” But let me ask you something, do you know how Sour Patches Kids? First, they’re sour then they’re sweet. Sid is exactly that.

There are so many good moments with Sid but there are certainly bad ones too. For example, he gets in these moods that a kitten does and just wants to play, thing is his version of playing is him sneaking up and attacking you when you least expect it and won’t stop until he tires himself out and goes back to being the sweet little kitten I saw a couple of hours before. I have had scratches on my arms, hands, legs, and once even on my nose. But when it all comes down to it, the good memories overpower the bad ones which make the scratches hurt a little less and makes my love for him grow a little more.