Soccer deserves more respect in America

Cameron Armer, Reporter

Growing up in England, I’ve played soccer my whole life. Moving to America was a big shock, going from everyone around me being in love with the beautiful game to only sharing this passion with the small group of soccer players in my class period. Outside of my soccer period, people make fun of it. No one really goes to games other than the parents of the players and then the other teams watch the games if they can, but it is nowhere near the same as my experience in England.

 I understand that people grew up with Football in their house every weekend or maybe another sport, but why not try something new? Before moving to America I had no interest in football because I played soccer from a young age and all my friends did so we played it together, and I went to stadiums to watch professionals play. That’s how my circle of friends all got close because we had something in common: the love for soccer. 

I remember at recess we would all sprint out and play the same teams each time and it would be so much fun. And I feel that Americans deserve that unique feeling of like a kid on Christmas day. I know I felt that sensation when I tried rugby for the first time, and it brought me closer to now one of my best mates. It was the thrill of trying something new and being able to gain friendships that made me realize what American teens are missing out on when they ignore soccer time and time again. 

Not only is playing soccer very fun but watching it adds to the adrenaline. Not many know this, but the U.S. right now has one of the most exciting national teams with some of their top players playing for European elites and have a real shot in the 2022 World cup. Star players such as Sergino Dest, a talented full-back who was one of the best defenders when Barcelona played Real Madrid, is on the U.S. team’s lineup.  Another great talent is Christian Pulisic, a young player who is taking the premier league by storm. He is quick on the ball and not afraid to shoot and take on players. With all the additions Chelsea Football Club made during the transfer window he will surely have another great season.

Everyone feels that unique sensation of being a kid again when they see something they love, like their dream car or a huge mansion. But every time I play soccer, whether it be with my friends or at school, or maybe training alone or with my club team, it always brightens the mood of my day and I feel like a kid again. And I sincerely believe people need this feeling and can find it in soccer if they just open their minds and give it a chance.