Testing the beginner’s boba guide

Trying out reporter Liz Kemsley’s boba guide.

Della Fowler, Photo and Graphics Editor

Okay, so here’s the deal. I have always been quite picky about my drinks. I hate coffee, I think all tea is disgusting and I’m not a fan of carbonation. So, when my friend Liz wrote a story in our magazine about how there is a boba drink for everyone, I decided to put it to the test. 

I decided to try the Tea Bear Tea House in Cypress since it was the closest one to my house. I’d always wondered about the hype of boba, but I figured they wouldn’t have an option for someone who is as picky as me. However, I was very very wrong. 

I walked into the store very intimidated, there was a huge menu with all kinds of colorful drinks with combinations I couldn’t have even imagined. I talked to the girl for probably 10 minutes trying to decide what to try. She was extremely helpful and patient with my pickiness and obvious lack of knowledge about boba. She recommended I try the peach yogurt smoothie with mango popping boba. Along with this, my sister tried a strawberry mango smoothie with popping strawberry boba. 

I tried both drinks and was pleasantly surprised. My personal favorite was the peach yogurt smoothie. It was light and tropical tasting. Honestly, it kind of tasted like the creamsicle ice creams I used to get in the lunch line in elementary school. The mango boba was such a nice little burst of flavor within the creamy and sweet smoothie. I absolutely loved it so much that the next day I went back and got the same drink. 

I also had a few sips of the strawberry mango smoothie my sister got. This one was very sweet and wasn’t as light as my smoothie. However, it was still really refreshing. I really enjoyed the strawberry boba because it paired so well with the smoothie. My sister was also an obvious fan in fact, by the time I made the 20-minute drive to my mom’s house in Waller her drink was gone. 

All in all, I have to say that Liz really was right. Boba shops have something for everyone. At first, I was really intimidated, but everyone in the store was so kind and welcoming to newcomers. I 100% recommend everyone try it because it not only tastes amazing but also can help you learn about other cultural delicacies.