New Stone Age

An introduction into the world of crystals.


As of modern day, people adorn themselves with accessories made from crystals, jewels and stones. However, there might be more to these gems than their visual appeal.

What’s so special about crystals?
Dating back into early ages, people believed that crystals were sentient and alive; that they were able to possess and regulate energy through vibrations. “The philosophy of modern crystal healing is based on traditional concepts borrowed from Asian cultures, most notably the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras, which are vortices of this life-energy, said to connect the physical and supernatural elements of the body,” Live Science associate editor, Elizabeth Palermo, said. Groups of people, self-labelled witches, spiritualists, etc. still hold these beliefs and continue the practice.

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What can they do?
Different crystals and stones all are said to possess different abilities or enhance specific energies. For example, quartz is a well-rounded crystal that excels in retaining information, amplifying energy, and transmitting vibrations. Many crystals such as aquamarine are made from quartz and iron, demonstrating its ability to be versatile in use. Even with such a basic (yet effective) crystal like quartz, there are specific types of this crystal that could narrow your intentions. The following are just a few:

  • Clear Quartz: These crystals boost the power of other substances or stones, hold on to thoughts and information, and focus and direct energy. This is a simple go-to as it’s easily obtainable.
  • Rose Quartz: These are effective when dealing with emotional issues or relationships (romantic and platonic) but can also be used for their soothing and balancing energy. Sometimes this gem is used to promote self-love.
  • Smoky Quartz: This crystal enhances energy relating to security, permanence, patience, strength, and determination. It is often used to stabilize and ground oneself.
  • Abundance Crystals: As the name suggests, these crystals are known to bring an abundance of any kind, most notably, however, finances and life.
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How do I use them?
There’s many ways to incorporate these jewels into your everyday attire or everyday use. A couple examples are as follows:

– A necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. with the desired gem enhanced with verbal manifestations and/or affirmations is a great way to display your crystal while still taking advantage of its abilities.
– Place your stone in a soft bag with a few plants or herbs and keep it on your person to attract the desired energy.
– Place the crystals and stones around entrances or pathways of your home (or any setting) to promote and welcome positive energy and ward off negative energies, emotions, etc.
– Spend time programming or setting your intentions with your stones often to renew and encourage its abilities so you’ll get the best results.
– Treat them with respect! If you take advantage of or misuse your crystals they will not be as beneficial or produce your desired results. (Remember: people believe they are sentient! Treat them how you would a friend.)

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How do I get into using crystals?
There’s many resources out there if you find yourself interested in these practices. One of which I’ve found helpful is Skye Alexander’s The Modern Guide to Witchcraft. She also talks about other practices other than crystals (if you find yourself interested in witch practices). Many stones are easy to acquire such as quartz and tiger eye, so looking on the internet for jewelry incorporating the gem is a great first stop. Additionally, you could even find some out in nature and polish them to your liking. It’s important to find a way to use crystals in a way that suits you, so get creative!