Met Gala made real

Variety of everyday looks inspired by celebrity outfits from the 2021 Met Gala.


With the return of the Met Gala after it was canceled in 2020 came the usual lineup of celebrities and their rather interesting outfits that we’ve come to expect. From golden armor to something straight out of a sci-fi novel, the 2021 Met Gala outfits have made quite the splash. Imagine what it would be like if we dressed like that every day? Here are some outfits inspired by Met Gala looks that you can buy for yourself and wear daily.


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Lil Nas X’s Regal Cloak

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to find a cloak even remotely similar to the one that Lil Nas X wore to the Met Gala, so this outfit was one of the hardest to put together. With a mixture of Faux Fur, pale gold, and some brown pants, it’s definitely one of the more casual outfits on this list, but it still gives off that outlandish Met Gala vibe when worn in public.
The Coat  The Shirt  The Pants  The Shoes

Graphic by Courtney Smith


Kim Kardashian’s Dementor Inspired Attire

Kim Kardashian sure was at the Met Gala when she turned up in a rather interesting outfit, inspiring memes all over the internet comparing her to the Dementors from Harry Potter or an Alien. Now you too can walk around looking like you’ve just gotten done with your shift at the Wizard Prison of Azkaban with this outfit.

The Suit  The Dress  The Shoes


Graphic by Courtney Smith

A$AP Rocky’s Cozy, Colorful Quilt

Feeling kinda cozy? So was A$AP Rocky at the Met Gala this year, wrapped up warm and snug in a colorful quilt while he walked the red carpet with Rihanna. This outfit was admittedly one of the easiest to put together, the hardest part being finding a quilt that was colorful enough to be on par with the one worn to the Met Gala. So if you’re feeling a more comfortable look, but you still want to feel a little extra, try this outfit.
The Quilt  The Shirt  The Pants  The Shoes


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Cardi B’s Ruby Red Gown
We all know Cardi B goes all out, and this event was no exception. Her outfit at the Met Gala this year was definitely a showstopper. The bright red dress was covered in gems and had some wonderful red-feather shoulders. It’s near impossible to reach the level of this outfit with the clothes you can find online, but this outfit tries its best. It may not be the same ruby red, but it’s pretty eye-catching all on its own.

The Over Skirt  The Top  The Feathers  The Underskirt  The Shoes

Graphic by Courtney Smith

Naomi Osaka’s Whoville Inspired Wardrobe

This outfit, full of wild colors and interesting accessories, is hard to copy when searching through all sorts of internet shops. It’s a Met Gala look that’s all over the place even without the interesting hairstyle, and the outfit inspired by it is as well. Nothing really matches and it’s in all sorts of colors, but that’s exactly what it should be. Outrageous. Colorful. A little confusing. When wearing this out in public, one is sure to get more than a few double-takes.

The Dress  The Ribbon  The Boots  The Cloak/Cape


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Dan Levy’s Clothing Atlas

This is an outfit that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense outside of the statement it’s making. It’s an outfit that is far from the typical suits that men wear to these kinds of events and yet Den Levy walked down the red carpet at the Met Gala in it. In order to wear an outfit inspired by this look, a little arts and crafts are necessary, but it’s well worth it for the interesting and pattern-breaking outfit that is created as a result.

An Atlas  Paper Mache Instruction Book  The Shirt  The Pants  The Shoes


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Kim Petra “The Horse Girl”

An inspiration to Horse Girls everywhere, Kim Petra drew eyes as she entered the Met Gala wearing a horse head as a top. This is another outfit that requires a bit of arts and crafts in order to achieve the horse head look for yourself because unfortunately, no matter how hard you search, horse heads that can be worn as shirts aren’t a typical item found in stores. It’s an interesting outfit meant for the few that truly love horses.
The Dress  The Horse  The Shoes


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Iman Abdulmajid’s Feathered Halo

Iman Abdulmajid shows up to the Met Gala in a stunning feathered outfit. It’s one of my personal favorite outfits on the Thai list, but unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest to mimic in everyday wear. For the feather lovers of the world, clothes made with them can be hard to come by, especially to this scale, making this yet another outfit that requires a little bit of gluing in order to complete it. The end result though is an extra feathered look that truly brings the Met Gala into your day-to-day life.
Feathers  The Skirt  The Shirt  The Headpiece


Graphic by Courtney Smith

Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) Flower Homage

With a beautiful teal dress decorated with flowers, Youtuber NikkieTutorials arrived at the Met Gala in an outfit that was both stunning and a homage to Marsha P. Johnson, a prominent figure in the Stonewall uprising of 1969 and activist. The outfit inspired by Nikkie’s not only takes inspiration from her dress and the flowers she wore but also provides an option to include the sash on the back of her dress that read “Pay it no mind” which is Marsha’s famous saying.

The Dress  The Flowers  The Shoes  A Sash  Fabric Marker