Parking Lot Perils

Parents should not drop their kids off in the student parking lot.


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Dear Bridgeland Parents,

There is no reason that it should take me, a student that lives three minutes from school, 20 minutes to get into the parking lot.
There is no reason that you, a middle aged man or woman, should be making aggressive motions at me—a 17-year-old who learned to drive not even two years ago—in the middle of a public school parking lot, for just trying to be on time to my first-period class. I understand you are angry (although so is everyone else), however, you are at least twice my age.
There is no reason I should have to explain why you shouldn’t be flipping off children in a school parking lot.
Please stop dropping your kids off in the student parking lot in the morning. You have your own place to drop your students off at, with the added bonus that you aren’t inconveniencing student drivers.
Having over 3,400 students in our school means that 904 of us have parking passes and are using the school parking lot. Getting out of the school in the evening is hard enough when you have a full seven periods, but for kids who have to probably park multiple times in the morning because they are new to driving and don’t know how to park correctly the first time (making the entire process slower), parking in the morning is tedious enough- even without the parents.
After a few weeks of getting to my first period barely on time and frustrated, I finally had to ask myself why parents were doing this. Is the original drop-off line too long? Not compared to the lengthy, multiple lines you’d have to go through to enter the student parking lot. Do parents not know about the original line? Maybe. Although there isn’t exactly an answer to why, a solution should be found.
With that being said, what will it take for you to stop dropping off your kids where you aren’t supposed to? Not only are students mad at you, but other parents are probably mad that you’re giving students another reason to be late for class, stacked on top of traffic. How can this be solved?
The easy solution would be for all parents to collectively agree to use the right drop-off area, but I’ve lost faith in thinking everyone is pure in intention. The only thing that could be done in this situation would be for the campus police to control traffic and check to make sure only students are going into the student parking lot, but to be quite frank, nothing to that extent will probably ever happen until a parent is involved in a crash in the student parking lot.

A student driver who is mad about being constantly illegally cut off by parents in a student parking lot