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Discussing the differences, debates over the Certified Lover Boy, Donda albums


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With the release dates just five days apart there has been a lot of controversy: Which one is better? “Donda” or “ Certified Lover Boy”?

About Certified Lover Boy

At 793.8 million song streams for Drake’s new album “certified Lover Boy”, it sits at No. 1 for the Billboard 200 chart for the tenth time, which was released September 3, 2021. This isn’t new for Drake; his music is consistent and always connects with the heart of whoever is listening

Drake’s album “Certified Lover Boy (CLB)” is about Drake’s justification for wanting to commit to being a “player” along with every teenager and young person. Drake also talks about the people that did him wrong before he was a rising and thriving star. Many people can relate to this cliché of being “stabbed in the back” when they’re at their best by someone close to them. The album cover relates to the main purpose of labeling himself as a “player”. I enjoyed the features Drake collabed with; he matches with all of their styles, which is hard for some people. All around, I love this album. I listen to it when I’m by myself and with friends.

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About Donda

At 775 million streams, on August 29, 2021, Kanye’s “Donda” was sitting at No.1 for the Billboard 200 chart for only five days, which is a big deal, since Kanye has been a big sensation for as long as I can remember. Kanye’s album was all over the place – we thought it was going to be a full dedication to his mom. Yet, I can count the songs about her with one hand.

You can tell that most of the songs in the album are about his impending divorce with Kim Kardashian, you don’t understand what it’s about; is it about his mom because he named the album after her or his family problems with Kim Kardashian. It’s just all around confusing who it is really for.

Listening to his album, there weren’t many things I could relate or connect to in this album. I feel as if this album wasn’t meant for his fans or anyone but himself. Listening to the album didn’t make me feel changed or different compared to before I put my earbuds in. I didn’t feel like I could connect with anything, not to mention that his album cover is just a black square.

Which I like more

I connected to Drake’s album more than Kanye’s. With Drake, if I’m with my friends and we need a song to get hype, I’ll play his album in a heartbeat. Even if I’m not going through anything, I can still listen; Drake knows how to connect with his fans/viewers through words. With Kanye, on the other hand, I feel as if he lacks human melody, so he tells his story through beats, and he tries to go so wild that he misses what he is actually trying to say.
In conclusion, I would choose Drake’s album. The music is fire and easy to relate to, or even dance to.