Keep Your Food Close and Your Farmers Closer

How local Farmers Market are beneficial.


brooke gamble

Victoria’s market’s line up of veggies.


A cold biting breeze, live music playing from half a mile away, chatter between families, the smell of fresh coffee brewing and food simmering over a portable stove. This is the atmosphere of a Farmers Market. Is the hype from fitness gurus and lifestyle influencers understandable yet? If not, make it a goal to explore all things farmers markets and how consuming local goods can benefit everyone in the long run.

Farmer packages up his own vegetables to sell to market customers. (Brooke gamble)

There is a notable environmental benefit of buying groceries and other goods locally that will help everyone. There are many steps and processes food has to go through before it reaches the aisles of the designated supermarket of the town. First is the possible exploitation of farmers harvesting the raw materials needed to create the goods. Second is the severe lack of sustainability in the plastic-heavy packaging used by the majority of food corporations. Third is the pollution released as a result of the mass transport of food that occurs daily. Lastly is the substantial food waste produced by supermarkets when the food is not up to their standards or even the waste produced by consumers of these products. These examples of how supermarkets can be detrimental to climate change are just a few of the numerous reasons mass food production needs to be a little less global and a little more local.

Chef cooks up cajun seafood on a large hot stove. (Brooke gamble)

To dive further into how farmers markets are beneficial, there is the aspect of mental and physical health. Compare the atmosphere of a bustling grocery store with loud carts rolling along, weird elevator music playing, sterile bright lights, beeping, and barcodes with that of an outdoor market. With the market, there’s an abundance of fresh air, fresh-cut greenery, clear blue skies and smiles. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Everyone knows getting a daily dose of time outside aids mental health and stability, so why not shift the grocery shopping venue to outside? Being out in nature regularly reduces depression and soothes anxiety. Also, physically, getting a good walk-in is always optimal. Stretching the legs with a walk around the market reduces blood pressure and stress more so than less active counterparts who shop online.

Freshly baked English muffins. (brooke gamble)

To finish off the extensive reasons as to why participating in a local farmers market is so important for virtually everyone, make it a goal to attend a market at least once every other month. It’s practically guaranteed that anyone with a love for high-quality food and beautiful views will find a second home at these community gatherings.

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