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Top 10 Unblocked Chromebook Games.

CFISD-distributed 1:1 devices. They’re slow. They’re weird. You have to convert your keyboard from international to normal so you don’t get accent marks instead of apostrophes (what does that even mean?).

The enablers of the dreaded Schoology do, however, possess one major superpower- curing class boredom. With the new crackdown on cell phones in the classroom, finding that quick fix for entertainment is difficult with the district blocking many beloved sites.

Never fear! The prized possession of the internet is here – in the form of unblocked games. Here’s the top ten games that you can play right on your Chromebook to break the class monotony.


10.) Minesweeper

Full honesty- I absolutely DESPISE this game. In order to take home a victory in Minesweeper, you have to clear the entire board of boxes that contain hidden mines without hitting any of them by using logical reasoning from the previous boxes you’ve uncovered. Minesweeper is incredibly confusing, however it is praised by many, earning it a spot on the list.

9.) Google Snake

Do you like feeling a sense of claustrophobia? Me neither. However, Google Snake translates that feeling into its gameplay by increasing the size of your snake as you eat apples simultaneously. It’s a take on the popular Snake game, but the word “popular” is a stretch when everyone played it for like a week in 2018. Google Snake takes the nine spot by being a classic people can resort to in the face of boredom.

8.) Google Solitaire

Yes, the card game everyone’s grandpa plays. Google Solitaire is a card game where you try to place your cards in descending order alternating from black to red and vice versa. There’s a few more rules to it, but again, I would sound like a grandpa nerding out. Although an old classic, Google Solitaire is a guilty pleasure of mine that I easily get addicted to. It falls at eight on the list.

7.) Poptropica

An adventure game where you can explore a world completing quests and playing mini games, Poptropica is a game most of us played as a kid. The charm of the game hasn’t been lost, but the unblocked version doesn’t have the full nostalgia. That’s why it ranks seventh.

6.) Fourth of July 2019

Where are my sports fans at? If you’re a Bridgeland athlete, you’ll probably be caught with a Hudl tab open watching film when you’re in class. But, if you’re in the mood to game, Fourth of July 2019 is the game for you. All you gotta do is time the baseball pitch up good enough to hit the ball hard. As you level up, the pitches will become more difficult to hit as they try to strike you out. I would say that this game is a home run, but it’s just a little simple for my liking, making it more of an RBI. It takes the respectable sixth spot.

5.) Google Dinosaur

How to Play:

Type “chrome://dino/” into your search bar

The OGs of all the games on this list, Google Dinosaur provides a quick fix for classroom boredom. Dodge the cacti in the way by pressing the spacebar to make your little dino jump and try to stay alive. Google Dinosaur has the advantage of being able to be played without any internet, so when the school wifi is slacking, the points on this game you should be racking.

4.) Doodle Champion Island

Similar to Poptropica in my opinion, you can play as the character Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island: a world where you can take part in side quests, mini-games and friends. You try to defeat each sport Champion to collect all seven sacred scrolls. I guess I’m a sucker for long drawn-out games like this, especially in a class where all I do is stare at the board. Doodle Champion Island ranks fourth with its complexity level.

3.) Slope Google Chrome Extension

(Download extension from

Are you a Flappy Bird fan? This game gives me the same energy. Want to throw your computer in frustration? This game will push you to that limit. Use your laptop keys to maneuver a ball through obstacles for as long as possible. I have a short attention span, so this game fits my needs perfectly. It makes the top three because of that.

2.) Papa’s Games

I don’t need to elaborate. The holy grail of games. The creme de la creme. Although among the top tier of games, it does run a little slow because it runs off a “fake flash”. I give it number two because it is acknowledged among many, but surprisingly enough, not my personal favorite.

1.) 2048

I know what you’re thinking. Haylie, you’re a nerd. How do you put a multiplication game at number one? Is this post sponsored by the math department? No, avid reader. This game is honestly the most addicting game I’ve ever played. In 2048, you try to swipe to match your numbers to multiply them by themselves until you get to the number 2048 before your square fills up. I constantly try to best myself in this game, and I can play it in any class and pick up where I left off another time. 2048 is my safety blanket at school, putting it at my number one pick.


Games can sometimes seem like a distraction to schoolwork, but for some like myself, they serve as a brain break from the stress of the curriculum. So, the next time you need to sit back, chill and make cupcakes for angry customers, turn to these games as your temporary escape.