What Do Your Favorite Childhood Movies Say About You

Learn what your dearest kid flick says about you.

There was always one movie that children would insist on watching over and over and over again. These childhood classics were everyone’s role models in some form or fashion, and shape who we are today. While there are many options out there, I will predict what these eight childhood movies say about you.

Disclaimer: the following remarks are meant for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to offend. View discretion advised.

“Megamind” (2010)
“Megamind” is a classic movie nearly all of Gen Z and their parents have watched. If this one happens to be your favorite, it is definitely because you relate to the main character, a devious, blue, alien criminal who isn’t like other villains. With his talking fish side-kick and criminal co-parenting, Megamind finds it hard to relate to others, and you probably feel like you’re in the same boat, but nothing can come close to his situation, which only paints you as a pick me. You probably think you don’t fit in because of a small quirk you have, but the world is changing and nothing can phase it. If Metro Man can do it, so can you.

“Shrek” (2001-2010)
If you rewatched “Shrek” until the DVD scratched up to the point of needing a replacement, there is nothing inherently wrong with having this classic as a favorite. It has the right amount of child-friendly humor and adult jokes mixed in, making it entertaining for all audiences. However, if you liked any of the sequels, you’re probably just a bit extra and are the kind of person to always make jokes and references no one understands, but you won’t stop until they comprehend your humor.

Any of the Barbie movies
There is no one Barbie movie to choose from, the collection being a mile long. From holiday classics like Barbie versions of “A Christmas Carol” and “The Nutcracker” to repeats like “The Princess and the Pauper” and “The Princess and the Popstar”, everyone has a favorite. If you enjoyed any of these movies and especially found the main character to be relatable, you probably have a small case of Main Protagonist Syndrome, as Barbie never lets other characters have the spotlight. You are just inevitably better than everyone. But hey, at least she taught you how to be caring for others while having a stylish closet.

“Frozen” (2013)
No one can go wrong with “Frozen”, the movie full of catchy songs and a theme of family love. In all, if this was your favorite movie, you probably had a huge musical phase and “Let It Go” was your major earworm. Having a lovely cast of relatable characters, this movie can say many things about you depending on your favorite. If Elsa was your favorite character, you’re definitely an introvert but not original, everyone’s favorite is Elsa. Her outfit is the first to go in the Disney store, and you were probably the one buying it. If Anna was your favorite, you definitely relate to her loneliness but constantly have a need to be special. You definitely fail to get the attention. If your favorite is Olaf, you have a good sense of humor. Now, if Kristoff is your favorite, it’s because you couldn’t choose between the first three.

Bee Movie (2007)
While the “Bee Movie” was entertaining back then, all the adult jokes that your parents were laughing at and you were fake giggling along to as a kid probably only make sense now. But, if you were the special kind of kid who could follow Jerry Seinfeld’s wondrous humor, then you either had a really advanced sense of humor or really cool parents who exposed you to this kind of comedy early in life. You’re a pretty cool person and make all the movie references people do understand.

“Coraline” (2009)
“Coraline” was probably Gen Z’s first “horror” movie, with creepy dolls and demon other mothers. It’s easy to fall in love with the storyline of this one, focusing on a girl who moved into an apartment complex with a strange past. If you enjoyed this movie as a kid, you probably left the movie theatre with a new fixation for dolls, black cats and buttons. You were definitely the kind of kid who would give bugs – spiders – or rocks to friends or teachers as well. You’re truly not like the others if this was your favorite.

“The Emperor’s New Groove” (2000)
While “The Emperor’s New Groove” has always been a fun movie, it was not the highlight back in the day. If this was your childhood movie, congratulations, you have a unique choice not many made. But it’s most likely that this was not your favorite childhood movie, you just saw all the tiktok sounds from this movie and decided to watch it, and now you think this was your childhood movie. At least you follow the trends and you’re not scared of doing a little research to understand what you’re doing. Kudos to you!

“Up” (2009)
“Up” is a heartwarming story about an older man going on an adventure to capture a childhood dream with the most unlikely side kick. Before that, though, Disney introduces you to the old man’s happy-to-sad life. At the death of his wife, it’s almost impossible not to cry. If this movie was your favorite, you have a heart of steel and are definitely desensitized to sad things. You definitely watched “Marley and Me” without crying, and most likely laugh at everyone who screams on roller coasters because there is nothing bringing you down.