Madelyn’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Some tips to make it through the year


It’s no secret that being a high school student is tough. The school year is going to be stressful with all that schoolwork piling on. Stress is normal, but when it becomes too much stress, it’s going to be a heavy weight to carry. Some people like being busy, but if there is someone like me out there, here’s how to make the school year easier and stress-free.

Make the bond
One thing I would suggest to anyone is bonding with teachers. Do kind things, ask questions, and show interest in their class. Building a friendship with teachers will help in the future because they are now able to assist with student struggles. They are also more likely to give extended time on projects or assignments. Building that friendship will benefit you throughout the school year and your overall success rate in their class.

Let’s straighten it out
I know, I know. This has probably been heard before, but organizing is so helpful. Having everything in the perfect spot saves so much time. This also helps with being prepared for class. Keep a charging computer in your school bag overnight, keep all of the random assignments up to date, and color code subjects! Sometimes, life really gets stressful and papers and other items will get all messed up, so take some time every week to keep your space organized and clean.

No slacking
Ugh–that pile is getting tall! One of the biggest things that hold students’ grades down is late work. Try to get late work turned in as soon as possible because that one assignment will start a domino effect. If nothing is getting fixed, make a list of everything that needs to be turned in. Make it a priority!

Be curious
It’s okay to not know what the teacher is talking about, so ask questions. Many students have questions but are too scared to say anything. So the next time a teacher asks “Any questions?”, raise a hand and ask the question. Chances are someone else has the same question. Don’t try to figure something out on your own if help is genuinely needed.

Keep breathing
While getting work turned in on time is important, receiving a personal break and a moment to relax is also important. Working a lot is not a challenge to some, but everyone at least gets to the point where it’s too much and they end up not being productive. In fact, it could lead to burning out. Personal time is never selfish if it’s genuinely needed. Physical health is just as important as mental health, so focus on both.

Remember, no one should be so stressed out to the point where it’s hurting their mental health. Leave some space to breathe–it’s not a crime. Keep pushing through the long school days. Many students are all in the same boat, so don’t feel embarrassed for falling behind. Don’t let school be a burden!