So you want a purrfect pet?

Tips and tricks to persuade your parents to get a fuzzy friend

My parents are concrete set when they give me an answer. I had three guinea pigs when I was younger. Being at the age I was five, taking care of three small animals did not go as planned. After that, my parents would shut me down anytime I would ask for an animal. But after a couple years of creating the ultimate master plan, I now have a hamster. Although I’m not too fond of the fuzzy rodent now, I was able to persuade my parents to get her.

I was able to convince my parents, and here’s how you can too.

Step 1: Show the Love

Nothing gets a kid a “no” faster than parents feeling like they owe something to their kid, especially when their kid is a couch potato. So, start appreciating them more and show them some random acts of kindness. Show them some love! But, don’t be weird and only show love when you want something. Parents do a lot for us (they literally raised us) and we are trying to get them to let us have what we want. Be respectful–it’s not cool to be mean.

Step 2: Create the Ultimate Master Plan

Develop a plan and create something to present to the parents in order to get your dream pet. Be creative and show some effort. The more effort one can put in will help them think, “Wow! They really want this.” Honestly, a basic Google Slides presentation works. If you’re lazy like me, there are a few websites that give you slide templates, such as Slidesgo and Slidesmania.

Step 3: Work Hard


I know this is going to suck, but please keep listening. One thing parents know teenagers hate are chores. Volunteering to do chores or something you don’t normally do benefits the parents, and therefore you. If your parents don’t give many chores, use this to your advantage.

Step 4: Finance Talk

How much is your dream animal going to cost? Find a way to support your furry friend so your parents don’t have to. It’s not fair to them that they have to pay for the animal you want. What does the animal require? Be prepared for the money you’re about to spend.


Step 5: Acceptance

Everyone has their limit, and pushing too much can make you overstep, so if the tips didnt work and they still say no, you have to respect their decision. But remember, everyone can be persuaded. You just have to find out how to do so without the risk of annoying them.

Make sure to research your furry friend, show that you’re responsible enough. And remember, be respectful of their final decision.