How football coach motivates with his hustle philosophy


Coach Valmore pictured alongside his fellow coaches

Over the past five years, Coach Matthew Valmore has been part of the Bridgeland football team as one of the defensive coaches. As of this 2022-2023 school year, Valmore gained the opportunity to become the strength and conditioning coach and be able to continue being a football coach. Being given this job means a lot to Valmore.
“ To be in a position where I can continue to grow and give back to student athletes is an amazing opportunity” Valmore Said
Becoming a strength and conditioning coach and giving back to students didn’t happen overnight. One major thing he had to achieve to become a strength and conditioning coach is a certification. The knowledge he has gained from being part of the Bridgeland staff has helped him as well, yet there ar

Coach Valmore watching his players play.

e still challenges. Being the strength and conditioning coach comes with not only working with football, but also with girls’ soccer, softball, girls basketball and wrestling. Even though there are obstacles, Valmore has the same goal for every athlete.
“I hope to help athletes push past their limits in the weight room and become mentally strong in the process,” Valmore said.
Valmore wants to develop student athletes both in the weight room and mentally. According to him, without a good mindset, it can be difficult to get stronger which requires lifting heavy weights. With working with female athletes compared to male athletes, it took a bit longer for all of them to buy in and have a positive attitude. Valmore saw that some female athletes had the misconception that lifting heavy weight causes them to get bulky. Once Valmore proved this to be untrue, they started to buy in more and bring the positive mindset and energy. Coach Valmore always talks about energy because it is a part of his philosophy he teaches.
“My philosophy is to outwork everyone all the time, and ‘“Every rep, every set, everyday”’ Valmore said.