Tunes to turn to

A collection of comfort songs

Between deadlines, projects and after school practices, the day to day life of a teenager can be overwhelming. So much so the CDC reported 44% of teens have experienced intense feelings of sadness within the past year. However, one thing proven time and time again to be helpful to mental health is music. Perhaps it’s because music can be used as an outlet to express emotions that are hard to put into words or simply because it’s enjoyable to listen to. Regardless of the reason, listening to music and mental health go hand in hand. Here are some general suggestions for comforting songs after a long day.

“Tornado Warnings” by Sabrina Carpenter
Though it can be seen as just another song about masking feelings for someone, this time those feelings aren’t being hidden from the person you have feelings for. Instead, both you and the person who’s supposed to help you sort through your emotions are left in the dark as you contemplate how you truly feel.

“Dawning of Spring” by Anson Seabra
A slow, dreamy song painting a picture of what true peace may feel like with its lyrics depicting a tranquil clear spring day when everything clicks perfectly into place.

“The One that Got Away” by Katy Perry in the style of Brielle Von Hugel
Originally released in 2010, the song itself was on Perry’s album Teenage Dream as a song with heavy lyrics and a bright melody. Six years later, Von Hugel’s cover amassed a large audience of listeners as the cover takes the bubble pop sound and transforms it into a softer and sadder song about the past and what could’ve been.

“HOLO” by Lee Hi
A piano ballad elevated by Lee Hi’s voice, the lyrics ring a message of moving on and accepting who you truly are no matter how you may perceive yourself.

“Gone” by Rosé
Simple yet impactful, Rosé’s “Gone” is a slow and empty song describing the emotions after hope and the person you love leaving your life.

To listen to these songs and additional others, please refer to this Spotify Playlist.