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ChatGPT: assistance or academic fraud?

A deep dive into ChatGPT

In today’s continuously evolving world, the release of ChatGPT altered the way our society functions. Everything on social media is leaning toward the viewpoint that ChapGPT is yet another invention that negatively affects our jobs, causes over-reliance and more. For instance, one of the most commonly talked about issues is the drastic increase in plagiarism. Even with that risk, ChatGPT has and will continue to prove itself to be worth it for our entire society.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the newest and currently most popular form of artificial intelligence, or otherwise known as, AI. This specific branch of AI began development in 2018 and was released November 30, 2022 from the company OpenAI. ChatGPT is designed to provide information and answer questions on a wide range of topics based on the input that was submitted. It unsurprisingly took over the entire world of AI, accumulating roughly one million users within just five days after launching. With the ability to answer any question regarding mathematics, science, technology, english, history and many more, ChatGPT has become the ultimate resource for information and guidance for all sorts of people and reasons.

ChatGPT’s Benefits

Today, millions of new jobs in computer science are opening up due to the popularity of ChatGPT, including AI Researchers, AI Product Managers, AI Data Analysts, AI Ethics Specialists, AI Content Reviewers and AI Content Strategists. Along with the expansion of jobs, ChatGPT assists with researching just about anything. Attempting to find the necessary and accurate research needed can be difficult. However ChatGPT solves this issue by allowing the user to get whatever answer they need just by typing out the question. Not only that, but the additions that it brings to the customer service world is phenomenal. For instance, language barriers completely disappear by providing multi-language support, and it supplies personalized data making it so ChatGPT’s responses fit the consumer as best as possible, and it is available 24/7. According to Blake Morgan, a senior contributor at the Forbes Newspaper, “[W]ith its ability to answer questions, hold conversations and offer opinions on various topics, ChatGPT is the most advanced language processing system available.” Additionally, ChatGPT doesn’t just accomplish the bare minimum of answering questions, but also has the ability to generate ideas and provide assistance on your own.

The Benefits Continue

This includes content creation, design and prototyping, scriptwriting and storytelling, marketing and campaign ideas, artistic inspiration and problem-solving. Being able to provide guidance on an already mentioned idea is one thing, but being able to generate and expand on your own is a whole other type of technology that we are not yet used to. Because of this, businesses have been raving on and on about how amazing ChatGPT is. Its ability to help in almost any way imaginable brings so many advantages to the business world and will only get better. Everyday researchers and engineers are working around the clock to make ChatGPT the best it can be and the constant benefits are unreal.

Plagiarism from ChapGPT

While ChatGPT undeniably offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to acknowledge a potential drawback: its role in unintentionally fostering plagiarism. The convenience and ease of generating coherent and relevant text through AI can inadvertently tempt users to copy and paste without proper attribution. This risk arises when individuals, particularly students and writers, rely excessively on ChatGPT for content generation. The allure of effortlessly generated essays or reports can lead to instances where users submit AI-generated content as their own, inadvertently crossing the line into plagiarism.

What Else?

ChatGPT’s citation suggestions, while well-intentioned, may not always align with academic or publishing standards, potentially leading to improper citation practices and a blur in the line between original and borrowed work. To leverage ChatGPT’s benefits while mitigating this risk, it’s crucial to prioritize education on academic integrity, encourage critical thinking and maintain vigilance in promoting ethical writing practices. According to Chris Westfall with the Forbes Newspaper, “[A]bout 48% of students admitted to using ChatGPT for an at-home test or quiz, 53% had it write an essay and 22% had it write an online outline for a paper.” ChatGPT has undeniably made it more difficult for our entire education system to know if a student’s work is authentic.

ChatGPT Undeniably Effective

ChatGPT should not be looked down upon nor should it be viewed as something with only negative outcomes. The benefits it brings to businesses, our society and further development of technology should not be overlooked. However, the attention it brings to plagiarism shouldn’t either. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t even realize that almost half of this story was written by ChatGPT. It is easy to take advantage of this new technology; however, we need to realize that without the basic practices of doing school work independently, we can never reach the potential that we all have.

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