New Harry Potter TV series


We all know of the “Harry Potter” franchise that JK Rowling has brought to us. A universe filled with magic, and unbelievable wizards and witches. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but I think it comes as a surprise to everyone that there’s news of a Harry Potter TV show.

Despite being quite a surprise to “Harry Potter” fans all over the internet, there’s something else strange going on here. It may be that according to different media sites there’s speculation and disagreements over whether it is actually being produced. It could also be the timing of this news.

The “Harry Potter” movies had their brief three months on HBO Max before their streaming deal was fulfilled and they were removed. After months of silence about the Wizarding World, news came around about the TV show being in early development around the beginning of January 2021. This would mean that HBO is the most likely candidate for streaming the potential series because of the previous dealings over “Harry Potter” that occurred.

This would mean that sets are being created, actors have been cast, and there’s been work on the story and script. However, even though it’s easy to get sucked into the excitement, it’s important to note that, both HBO and Warner Bros. have denied the news about a potential “Harry Potter” show coming to life.

Seeing as HBO has streamed the movie series in the past, but denied the creation of a series, there’s been doubts about the evidence that this series is being produced. If the platform isn’t confirming the news, does this mean it’s just speculation rather than an actual show?

For reference, HBO Max has streamed the “Harry Potter” movies in the past, as they had to make a deal for brief streaming of the movies on the HBO Max platform. HBO could gain money for streaming it and provide fans with content from the Wizarding World, which we have all been missing out on.

Either is possible from Warner Bros. and HBO’s responses to the spreading news and even if it were actually in development, there may still be some backlash.

First off, JK Rowling used to control the rights and everything that involves the “Harry Potter” franchise, before Warner Bros. Executive took over. However, this still means that she would likely be in control of storylines, episodes, casting, and world design. Who better than the author of the series to be in control right?

Over quarantine, J.K. Rowling revealed how she felt about the Trans communities over Twitter, resulting in loss of audience. This could also result in the loss of viewers and potential supporters for the show.

So not only is there speculation about the existence of the show, but there are also heavy emotions and grudges affecting the audience’s interaction with the Wizarding World. Would there be enough engagement to keep the show running?

As some people are excited about the possibility of JK Rowling playing a major part in the design, others are discouraged and saddened by the news.

Knowing this, the engagement and feelings around the author are going to largely affect the potential show’s rating and ability to be produced consistently.

Another issue could be the casting of characters. Many fans and audiences are used to the original cast or think that’s what made the movies so loveable. With the right actors chosen, it could bring in even more views, but one wrong actor could turn many potential viewers away from the show.

The casting of the actors and extras can impact the entire tone of the show for many viewers, especially in timelines closer to the book’s plots. If the timeline were farther away from the plots discussed in the novel, it would most likely be more acceptable and expected even.

However, if the potential series wants to succeed, if it truly is in early development even after the denial of its creation from HBO, the casting crew and producers will have to tread carefully.

Even though the list of potential issues is short yet vital to the success of the potential show, the list of potential greatness and enjoyment could be longer.

The idea of jumping back into the Wizarding World is something many of the fans have been waiting for. Being able to see the world in another time period and the story could explore many plots and loveable characters, and that it could bring something truly enjoyable to the table.

For some, the world may be enough for them to keep coming back, and returning to the wizarding world. For others, they may need more convincing and evidence of what the potential show can bring to the screen.

The magic, the characters, and the small details that the producers in the past have been able to create would be a great addition to the potential series and could develop into something longer and more extensive than what we’ve seen in the past if enough people love the world that much.

Overall, there’s been lots of speculation about whether the show actually exists, and who would watch it. All of this goes to say that there might be something to look forward to in the coming years, and it could be something more extensive than anything we’ve seen so far in the Wizarding World.