Half-Baked review


A local cookie store named Half-Baked uses a unique technique to give their cookies an actual half-baked quality that makes them different from other cookie stores. They offer a variety of cookies such as the ones being reviewed here which are chocolate chip, sugar cookie, oatmeal raisin, and double chocolate chip.

The location of Half-Baked is not the most convenient to get to. I used the Maps app on my iPhone and found that when it claimed I had arrived at my destination, I was unable to see the store. Although once I did find the store I found it quite nice. It’s not the biggest but it is very open which makes up for the lack of space. One of my biggest issues was that the person who took my order was not wearing a mask. I also saw someone in the back not wearing a mask and the person who served me my cookies was wearing a mask, but it was under their nose.

My favorite cookie of the cookies I tried was hands down the regular chocolate chip. It worked well with the half-baked style they do their cookies in. There was just the right amount of chocolate chips although they were put a bit inconsistently throughout the cookie. The chocolate chip cookie tasted just the Nestle Toll House cookies you can buy the cubed dough for at the store. If you’re a fan of eating straight-up chocolate chip cookie dough, this cookie is for you. And it’s all tied together by the homemade look the cookie has.

I’m not usually a fan of really “chocolatey” things, but their double chocolate chip cookies were my second favorite of all the cookies I got to try. The cookie was not very appealing in looks. The taste made up for it though, it tasted like a brownie. If you don’t like brownies it’s very unlikely that you’ll like the double chocolate chip because of how similar it tastes to a brownie.

The oatmeal raisin cookie was not really that great. The half-baked style didn’t really work for the cookie, but it did look very good. The cookie had cinnamon in it and I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon so that really made me not like it as much. Overall it was okay but not something I’d ever go back and get again.

My overall least favorite of the cookies was the sugar cookie. The cookie looked like the frosting had been put on when the cookie was still hot and it melted off a little, and upon eating it, I was overwhelmed by the sweetness. It was way sweeter than any sugar cookie I’ve ever had, and the frosting was what really put it over the top.

Overall I think if you’re looking for a quick sweet snack, picking up one of these cookies wouldn’t be a bad idea, but because of the location, it might be difficult. Most of their cookies cost $3.00 and they offer keto, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly cookie options. Overall I think going somewhere like Crumbl, another cookie store that is easier to access, and one that makes cookies that match in quality to those at Half-baked, would be a better option.