Theatre students compete at 2019 Texans Thespians Festival, 20 national qualifiers advance

Liz Kemsley, Reporter

Bridgeland Theatre students attended the 2019 Texas Thespians Festival at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center on November 21st through the 23rd. 

The Texas Thespians State Festival is hosted by the Texas Thespians chapter and offers various workshops that allows theatre students to participate in Performance categories such as Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Monologue, Duet Acting, and Group Acting, as well as technical events like Costume Construction, Costume Design, Makeup Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Marketing, Scenic Design, Short Film, and Stage Management. 

Junior Sarah Long placed in the group musical category with her group and expressed her initial reaction when she found out the group qualified for Nationals. 

“It felt really good. I was honestly really surprised. Everyone was all nervous and I was like, “I’m not going to qualify, that’s just not gonna happen,” but it did and I was really surprised. We even almost got a perfect score, it was just like one point off from perfect.” said Long. 

For senior actors and actresses, the 2019 Thespians Festival would be their last Thespians of their high school career. Seniors like Alyssa Martinez finished with a satisfying end to years of hard work. 

“All my close friends came and we got to experience so many classes and activities together. Bridgeland did the best they’ve done yet at Thespians, so I was proud of our troupe.” said Martinez. 

Bridgeland Theatre boasted national qualifiers in Group Acting, Duet Acting, Group Musical, Costume Design, Play Marathon Chapter Select, and All-Star Troupe Display. 

National qualifiers- Group acting: Calla Bentsen, Sarah Costigan, Luke Hill, Reed MacLeod, Alyssa Martinez, Jack Parker, Nathan Schutt, Ashleigh Stoutner, Pauline Warriner Duet Acting: Jack Moore and Brian Nicholson Group Musical: Peyton Divirgilio, Grace Heenan, Alexandra Walls, Ellie Williams Group Musical: Janson Hanes, Sarah Long, Amanda Nichols, Madeline Robinson Costume design: Brianna Guitierrez 2019 Play marathon chapter select- All Rights Reserved