Valentines day gift guide

What do I get my significant other for Valentine’s day? That is the million dollar question. Everyone is used to getting generic flowers and a box of chocolates, and while that is very thoughtful, it seems like an easy fix and really kind of impersonal. Here are some gift ideas I would like to recommend buying your significant other, or even a friend this year if you are still not sure what to get them!

Romantic Jewelry

Jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to receive because it can hold a significant meaning, as well as dress up any outfit. A staple piece of jewelry I recommend giving someone is a necklace. There are plenty of necklace designs you can pick from that would make that special someone in your life very thankful for your gift. Some necklace ideas could be your initials, a locket with a picture of you two inside, or even just a heart necklace. Other pieces of jewelry you could consider giving someone is a nice pair of earrings, rings, or even bracelets.There are plenty of pieces and designs to choose from, and believe me, any one of these ideas would make your significant other happy.

Phone Cases

Want to spice up your gift but don’t want to spend too much money? Phone cases! People are on their phones all day long. What better way to personalize a phone case than to upload some of your favorite pictures and make a personalized phone case! I have seen people put together an array of images of themselves with a specific person, and have them printed on the phone case. I think that idea is a very sweet gesture and would show how much thought you put into your gift. If you don’t want to customize a case but still want to give them one, consider Wildflower Cases. They are super in right now and very cute. Prices can vary depending on which phone case you choose to buy, but regardless I think this gift would make someone very happy.

A trendy pair of shoes

One thing that is always on my mind is the next pair of shoes I want to buy. Though this isn’t a very romantic gift, it can still give the same emotions that a box of chocolates would. Shoes are very important when it comes to putting an outfit together. Often overlooked, shoes can make or break your outfit. Some very popular shoes at the moment would be Doc Martens, Converse, and Nike Jordans. These shoes are all very stylish and easy to buy, as long as you know their size. Ask your significant other if they have a certain pair of shoes in mind. They will definitely get good use out of them and be very happy with your purchase.


Don’t you love walking into a room that smells good? I know I do. And though candles may not sound as exciting as the other items I have mentioned, they could be a staple in your Valentine’s day gift. Personally I like the sweeter smells, such as vanilla and coconut, but there are plenty of scents to pick from. Stores such as Bath and Body Works have tons of pleasant scents that will leave a nice aroma in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s room.

Gift Box

This idea is very broad but it allows you to customize your gift to your partner’s liking. You can add items such as candy, jewelry, gift cards, a fluffy blanket, handwritten letters, and even a hoodie of your own. Gift boxes that include items your partner likes will let them know how much thought you put into their gift. I don’t think anyone who receives a gift box will be disappointed.

Regardless of how little or much you give someone this Valentine’s day, it’s important to express your love to those you care about. For those who are completely clueless on how to do so, I hope these gifts have given you some sort of inspiration. Everyone deserves to feel extra special and loved, so make sure to get out there and show some love in your gift!