Board Game Revival

Relive your childhood, enjoy some family fun with these board game suggestions.


Spending time with family can range from enjoyable to miserable, depending on who is involved. However, when the usual board games are brought out, for “quality time”, it might get a little annoying.

Well, your spirits can be lifted! There are some new games that can enhance time spent together, and bring a healthy amount of competition or cooperation.

One of the top games, based off of a popular 1965 novel, “Dune”, is a complicated strategy game that has had four previous editions before its 2021 release. It features art from the film, and has been reduced from six players to four.

The fans of “Fast and Furious” might be looking for more content beyond what’s given to them in the films, or while waiting on the next release. In the meantime, they can experience their own fast and furious adventure with Fast and Furious: Highway Heist, released May 20, 2021. There are plenty of scenarios for players to try and villains to take down and the game provides a challenge for anyone competitive.

Any fantasy fans? Surely, they would enjoy Oath, a game for 1-6 players that play in a land where they control everything. They could bring the empire down or persuade a character to switch allegiances or ideas within the game. It’s set in a Chancellor’s realm, players try to either hold onto power as the chancellor, or overthrow them. Every decision sets a domino effect in motion, and it’s sure to be a complex and exciting game to play this season.

For a more strategic and mysterious turn, Initiative might be the better option. It uses a campaign style setup, with 14 missions to play through in the main storyline. While it can be played in different sessions, this game is highly addictive and might keep family playing for quite a while. There can be one to four players, and supports both cooperative and individual play styles.

Film fans! Roll Camera is a game completely based on film that everyone can enjoy while still being off the screen. For one to four players, this game is supposed to take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, using a cooperative playstyle to tell a story. The players are developing a film, which needs crew, set, filming scenes and assembling the edit. However, with each variable chosen, there’s a chance that the quality of your film could be reduced. Costs and time can also affect the quality of the end goal, which is to film 5 scenes in the budget on time.

Try checking out the expansion for Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, titles Spreading War. Released in October 2021, it takes place in Gondor and Rohan kingdoms. If you are looking to add on to your board game, this expansion features six new heroes, a new campaign, 15 new scenarios, and more.
Whether a board game enthusiast or looking for a fun adventure involving the whole family, there’s something here for everyone.